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Manganese oxide

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Product description

Manganese oxide is any of a variety of manganese oxides and hydroxides and is an inorganic compound with the formula MnO. This blackish or brown solid occurs naturally as the mineral pyrolusite, which is the main ore of manganese and a component of manganese nodules. The principal use for MnO2 is for dry-cell batteries, such as the alkaline battery and the zinc-carbon battery.


  • Russia
  • China
  • Germany


25 kg

MnO2 is used as a colorant and decolorizer in glass, white ware, enamels and pottery. It is also used in battery cathode mixes and electronics. There is promising potential to use MnO2 in solid state lithium-ion batteries for automobiles. MnO is used in ferromagnetic ferrites and as a catalyst.

Molecular Weight (g/mol.) 86.9368
Appearance black solid
Density (g/cm3) 5.026
Melting Point (°C) 535
Flash Point (°C) 535
Surface Areas Available (m2/g) from 2 to 260
Odor odorless
Solubility In Water insoluble
Specific Gravity 5.0
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