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Sodium pyrophosphate

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Other names

  • Sodium pyrophosphate
  • Tetrasodium phosphate
  • Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
  • TSPP

Product Description

Tetrasodium phosphate is an odorless, white powder or granules. mp: 995°C.

Density: 2.53 g/cm3. Solubility in water: 3.16 g/100 mL (cold water); 40.26 g/100 mL boiling water.

Used as a wool de-fatting agent, in bleaching operations, as a food additive. The related substance tetrasodium pyrophosphate decahydrate (Na4P2O7*10H2O) occurs as colorless transparent crystals. Loses its water when heated to 93.8°C.

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is used as a buffering agent, an emulsifier, a dispersing agent, and a thickening agent, and is often used as a food additive. Common foods containing tetrasodium pyrophosphate include chicken nuggets, marshmallows, pudding, crab meat, imitation crab, canned tuna, and soy-based meat alternatives and cat foods and cat treats where it is used as a palatability enhancer.

In toothpaste and dental floss, tetrasodium pyrophosphate acts as a tartar control agent, serving to remove calcium and magnesium from saliva and thus preventing them from being deposited on teeth. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is used in commercial dental rinses before brushing to aid in plaque reduction.

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate is sometimes used in household detergents to prevent similar deposition on clothing, but due to its phosphate content it causes eutrophication of water, promoting algae growth.



Transport Package

25 kg

Industry Uses

  • Corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents
  • Fillers
  • Not known or reasonably ascertainable
  • Plating agents and surface treating agents
  • Processing aids, not otherwise listed
  • Sequestering agent
  • Solids separation agents
  • Solvents (for cleaning and degreasing)
  • Surface active

Consumer Uses

  • Agricultural products (non-pesticidal)
  • Automotive care products
  • Building/construction materials not covered elsewhere
  • Cleaning and furnishing care products
  • Fabric, textile, and leather products not covered elsewhere
  • Ink, toner, and colorant products
  • Laundry and dishwashing products
  • Metal products not covered elsewhere
  • Non-TSCA use
  • Not known or reasonably ascertainable
Parameter Specification
Appearance white powder
Quantitative assay, % ≥ 93.0
PH 3.5-4.5
Water Insoluble Matter, % ≤ 1.0