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Description of galactulose

Tagatose is monosaccharide hexose class. A white solid, it is rare in nature but has attracted attention as an artificial sweetener. It is often found in dairy products, and is very similar in texture to sucrose (table sugar) and is 92% as sweet, but with only 38% of the calories. Tagatose is generally recognized as safe FAO/WHO and has been since 2001. Since it is metabolized differently from sucrose, tagatose has a minimal effect on blood glucose and insulin levels. Tagatose is also approved as a tooth-friendly ingredient for dental products.

Tagatose is a natural sweetener present in only small amounts in fruits, cacao, and dairy products. Starting with lactose, which is hydrolyzed to glucose and galactose, tagatose can then be produced commercially from the resulting galactose. The galactose is isomerized under alkaline conditions to D-tagatose by calcium hydroxide.




25 kg

Galactose is used in various industries and everyday life:

  • in medicine;
  • in microbiology;
  • as sports food;
  • to create a gum food additive;
  • in the food industry (in the production of beverages, instant products, in the production of jams, fillings, in the confectionery production and in the dairy industry).
State solid, crystalline
Chemical formula C6H12O6
Melting temperature 134,5 °C
  • dissolves well in water
  • slightly soluble in ethanol