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Sodium diacetate

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Other names

  • Acetate buffer
  • Monosodium diacetate
  • Sodium diacetate

Product description

Sodium Diacetate is a sodium salt of acetic acid and has wide applications in bakery, cereals, snacks, instant food, sauces, dressings, and pet food. In meat and meat products, sodium diacetate is used as an acidity regulator. It also acts as a preservative for the same and inhibits microbial growth. The antimicrobial action of sodium diacetate also helps prevent spoilage of grains. These functional properties of sodium diacetate makes it one of the most diversified ingredient used in the food industry. The use of this ingredient in various applications, is of high value and more applications in terms of preservations of food articles is creating a tremendous opportunity. Demand for packed food, rise in consumption of packed meat and poultry products has created simultaneous demand for preservatives such as sodium diacetate.




25 kg

Sodium Diacetate uses as follows:

In Food Production

Sodium Diacetate can be used as seasoning and preservative in food such as in Bakery, Cereals, Snacks, Flavours, Ready Meals, Instant Food, Sauces, Dressings, Seasonings, Soy Products.

In Beverage

Sodium Diacetate can be used as preservatives in beverage.

In Health and Personal care

Sodium Diacetate used as Buffering Agent; Fragrance Ingredient; MASKING in Cosmetics and personal care products.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry

Sodium Diacetate can be used as Nutrition regulator in Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry feed.

Purity % By Weight 58.0 to 60.0 (b)
Iron By Weight, Max., as Fe 10 PPM
Water when shipped % By Weight, Max. 1.0
pH of 10% Aqueous solution, at 25C 4.0 to 5.0
Sensoric White Crystalline Powder
Acetic Acid % by wt 39.0 to 41.0