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Product description

This is ground, dehydrated garlic. Garlic dried is a common component of spice mix. It is a very common seasoning. Applications include pasta, pizza, ranch dressing and grilled chicken.

Garlic cloves are peeled and sliced. In most cases, the garlic is then heated to a temperature of between 150° and 160 °C (~300-320 °F). The water is removed to a moisture content of about 6.5%. The dehydrated garlic is then further sliced, chopped, or minced until the powder is reduced to the desired particle size.


  • Dried garlic granular
  • garlic, sliced (flakes, slices)
  • ground garlic (powder)




20, 25 kg

  • Personal care:

Speeding up the blood flow of scalp, promoting hair growth and eliminating scurf.

  • Food Additives:
Garlic has the highest antibacterial effect among all other natural plants. It can slow down the growth and weakly kill dozens of common decaying fungus to extending the shelf life of food.

Like all dried and processed (in this case powdered) foods, organic garlic powder is less nutritious than fresh cloves. This isn’t a bad thing altogether as it has fewer calories in it.

An ounce of fresh garlic (about 6 cloves) contains 27 calories. It gives you a fairly notable amount of protein (1g) and essential minerals: calcium (3.3% RDA), iron (1.7% RDA), and selenium (3.7% RDA). RDA stands for Recommended Daily Amount calculated for a well-balanced 2,000-calorie diet. One of the main health benefits of fresh garlic is its high content of vitamin C (15% RDA).

When comparing garlic powder vs. fresh cloves, the loss of both calories and nutrients is significant. The standard amount of powder used in recipes is ¾ teaspoon. From this dose you get 8 calories and 0.4g proteins. Nutrient-wise, powder contains 0.2% RDA of calcium, 0.9% RDA of selenium, and 0.7% of iron.