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Paprika (ground)

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Other names

  • Ground paprika
  • Paprika powder

Product description

You can buy wholesale paprika pieces.

Ground paprika is the product obtained by grinding the ripe dried fruits of different varieties of Capsicum of the Solanaceae plant family. Ground paprika is prepared from the pericarp and the seeds of the paprika fruit. It may contain a variable amount of other parts of the fruit, such as the placenta, the calyx and the stalk. The colour of ground paprika varies, according to its quality, from vivid brilliant red through yellowish and brownish-red to pale reddish-brown.

Additives, allowed in accordance with the regulations of the target country and after agreement between buyer and seller (antioxidants, anti-caking agents, etc.), may be introduced into the ground paprika. In that case, the final product shall be labelled in accordance with current regulations.

Ground paprika plays an important role mainly in those countries where so-called fatty meals are preferred. The taste and natural colouring compounds of ground paprika improve the hedonic value of this type of meal. In addition, part of the natural carotene content of paprika is provitamin A, therefore the natural unsaturated oil content has a heart stimulant effect and the pungent varieties promote digestion.
Food industries use ground paprika in large amounts when producing meat products such as salamis and sausages. It is also used as a spice constituent of dried soups and is added to cheese, chips and spice mixtures.


  • China
  • Peru


25 kg


Cool and dry, protected from direct sunlight

  • Production of sauces, ketchup and pastes
  • Fish production
  • The production of meat products
  • Production of canned food
  • Production of preserves
Appearance powder
Colour reddish - red
Odour typical, aromatic
Flavour typical, slight spicy, mild, aromatic, slight sweet
Moisture max. 14 %
Ash content max. 10 %
Hydrochloric acid-insoluble ash content max. 1,2 %