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Paprika (pieces)

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Other names

Capsicum annuum L.

Product description

You can buy wholesale ground paprika.

Paprika is a spice made from the sweet red peppers and is rich in vitamin A. Paprika pieces can be added in many dishes, such as in stews, soups or mixed with meats. The flavour is more effectively pronounced by heating in oil. Paprika (pieces) used as a spice constituent of dried soups and is added to cheese, chips and spice mixtures.


Paprika dried sweet red/green, pieces: 3×3 mm, 6×6 mm, 9×9 mm


  • China
  • Uzbekistan


25 kg

  • Production of sauces, ketchup and pastes
  • Fish production
  • The production of meat products
  • Production of canned food
  • Production of preserves
Appearance The size of the pieces 3х3 mm, 6х6 mm, 9x9 mm
Flavour typical, slight spicy, mild, aromatic, slight sweet
Colour red or green
Moisture max 10,0 %